Spanish Travel Insurance

Great offers on Spanish travel insurance, one off trips or anual travel insurance cover to get greater discounts if you are a frequent traveller!

If you are going to Spain for more than four weeks at a time and/or more than three times a year I definately recommend getting anual travel insurance it's quite cheap nowdays and saves you getting ripped off by the travel agents and airlines who are on massive commision for individual trip travel insurance.

If you live in Spain or plan on living there, technically you can't use travel insurance, as it is intended to be just that, but as all things there are ways around it, most policies state that each trip cannot be more than 90 days so all you have to do is return to the uk once every three months even if it's just for a few days just to prove you have been in Spain less thsn 90 days. But always check your policy thoroughly including all the small print as they differ slightly between companies. Or if you live in Spain full time and require Spanish health cover Click Here

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