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Learn Spanish with SpanishPod

1. SpanishPod.

A NEW WAY of learning to speak Spanish, join a whole new Community world of Mobile/Cell Phone Spanish Learners.This is our NUMBER 1 recommendation if you like fun new ways of learning and meeting a whole new world of people just like you, all learning the same thing together. I really wish this sort of thing was around when I started 9 years ago! This Is the best new language product on the market, very few drop out even after advancing rapidly because it's so much fun to just keep going with this one! FREE TRIAL also available:
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2. PowerSpeak.

This is a very close second, only because it's directed primarily at children although I have been recommending it to adults also and the feedback is great as most adults say going back to basics and cutting out jargon and unnecessary complications makes it easier and much more enjoyable.As for kids this is number 1 especially to keep them occupied on something worthwhile this summer during the holidays, This is for all ages and any level to start from scratch or to supplement what they already do. There are currently big discounts available for a limited period.
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3. Visual Link.

It's is hard to find any so called "FREE" ways of learning to speak Spanish that are any good, but you are in luck as I have done all the searching for you over many years! This is a FREE start to learning Spanish they give you the first 11 lessons absolutely FREE! The hope is of course you'll be that hooked you'll sign up for the rest, this is actually a good thing as it means you will only want to pay if it's any good (it is by the way) I never recommend anything I haven't used or had a lot of feedback on.Another little thing I found with this one is it is better to sign up before the end of the FREE lessons as the more free lessons you have the final price seems to go up when you wish to sign up!
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A little known fact:

Also a lot of people in Britain don't know Spain has four official languages Castellano which is what we know as Spanish, Catalan which is spoken in Catalunya of where Barcelona is the capital, Gallego which is spoken in the north west region of Galicia and Basque which is spoken in the northern Basque regions Bilbao for example. However they all speak Spanish which there is called Castellano.

Castellano is only spoken in Spain, for example in Mexico they speak Spanish but not Castellano the difference is slight, like that between American English and English. I only say this because this website will use Spanish from Spain, Castellano.

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