Spanish Party Ideas

Need help with your Spanish party ideas? Here's a few things to help you get started with a Spanish themed babeque or party. OR ENTER OUR SHOP HERE TO GET INSPIRED. Sainsbury's is a good place to start as they sell things like pre-made Sangria in a bottle (great!) get yourself a few bottles of that if you don't have time to make your own, then all you have to do is

pour it into a large punch container or bowl add plenty of chopped fruit such as apple, pair, orange and pineapple and that's that done!

If however you prefer to make your own, here's a simple rough recipe : 2 bottles of Sainsbury's basic Spanish vino de mesa (table wine) it's the cheapest red wine they do which is a good bonus because when I drink it, it seems to help think of more Spanish party ideas!150ml of vodka, 500ml of diluted orange squash, 500ml of diluted lemon and lime squash (dilute as if you were to drink normally) 5 sacarine tablets or sugar to taste, then add ice and fruit as mentioned above.

Sanisbury's also sell sliced Spanish chorizo and cured ham in a packet ready to eat, just arrange on a large plate with sliced cheese and sweet red peppers which you can buy pre-cooked in a tin or jar, you could also put a small mixed dish of sweet silverskin pickled onions, mini gherkins and pepper filled olives, all can be bought in jars and have long sell-by dates. Also you could have a selection of different pate and a good dolop of mayo on a plate with shredded lettuce and a packet of small savoury biscuits.

For the main food at a BBQ get the largest pork ribs you can find at the meat counter or butcher's and lightly rub in some garlic salt which you would find in the spices isle of the supermarket. Cook them thoroughly especially taking care on BBQ's, turn them often and cook evenly but don't burn them on the outside!

Also the Spanish love Argentinian Criollo sausages barbequed if you can find them, if not buy large spicey pork sausages the thicker the better, when cooked chop them into bite-size pieces. It's also handy to have a jar of tabasco sauce for your brave "spice merchant" guests as it has authentic flavour. For your chicken drumsticks marinate them the night before in chopped fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle a little salt on if required just before firing them on the barby. For your skewed kebabs you want diced pork fresh peppers and onions, soak the pork over night the same way as the chicken then place the pieceson your wooden skewers(sold in supermarkets) seperated by pieces of chopped onions and mixed coloured peppers.Then fire them on aswell!

For desert just buy it pre-made no fuss, a couple of different flavour cheese cakes, Flan (which the Spanish love) and is on every menu and assorted ice cream. Get yourself some Spanish music like a few cd's of Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, David Bisbal and Enrique Iglesias and That's it I hope you all have a great night, don't froget to get a few cases of San Miguel for the male contingent! Yes I know, women can drink lager aswell! Have Fun! Spanish party ideas will be updated now and then depending on the season we are in so check back! Also for more info on Spanish food click on the Spanish food menu .

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