Dogs to Spain

Below is some information on taking dogs to Spain

For taking dogs to Spain they need a "Pet Passport" wether they are going abroad permanently or you're just taking a dog on holiday. But firstly your dog must be fitted with a microchip if it doesn't have one already.

This can be purchased and registered at your vet.Then applying for the passport can be a lengthy proccess especially if it is a puppy so you will need to start the application at least SIX months before you plan on going. (even more if a puppy)

First of all you dogs vaccinations need to be all up to date this is why it takes longer if it is a puppy, if they are all up to date it will then need an Anti-Rabies vaccination, after a few weeks you will then need to return the dog to the vet for a surilogical blood test to make sure your dog's system hasn't rejected the vaccine, if all is ok the passport will be signed, dated and stamped by your vet, the expiry date will also be shown (usually 2 years from 1st vaccination) but it depends on the brand of vaccine. Then your pet has to wait 6 months from the date of the successfull surilogical blood test before it can re-enter the UK, however if you are emmigrating or going to the EU for longer than six months you can leave the UK four weeks after the blood test, the six month limit only applies for re-entering the UK not leaving.
Click Here for full up to date government info.

There are a few ways of taking dogs to Spain I.E.: Via France in car or by Plane, But the easiest by far is by Ferry direct to Spain with yourselves in your vehicle, There is only one ferry company going directly to Spain that carries dogs, leaving twice per week. One from
Plymouth to Santander the other from Portsmouth to Santander, They have a kennel section on the ferry with kennels of different, sizes depending on the size of your dog, you must book a kennel as the dog is not allowed to remain in the car. Once the dog is in the kennel you can visit it anytime you want and can even let it out (on lead) on the kennel deck.

Sorry I haven't put any costs of microchips, vacinations and passport fees, this is because they constantly keep changing and vets up and down the country charge different prices. But start to finish it cost me around £100 in 2007 to get the passport sorted.

Now one other thing that is very important, you need to check to make sure your dog is not on the Spanish dangerous dog list, because it is very different from Britain for instance a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is classed and listed as a dangerous dog in Spain, This means things like: it must wear a muzzle at all times in public and can never be let off its lead. And some dogs are banned totally that are not in Britain so ask your vet.

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