Spanish Health Care

If you need private Spanish health care / cover, then click below now for quality cover at a great price!

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If you are reading this it's obviously because you need some sort of private cover and these are things you must never put off or delay, just click above and you will have a quote in seconds and buy online if you like what's on offer! First things first, you would only be covered by the Spanish health system for free if you officially live and work in Spain, ie pay tax and insurance in Spain. This is very important to know before moving there so you can sort some type of private cover out.

There are many companies offering Spanish health cover to expatriates, some you will see listed to the left or search here click the "web" button, then search.

You will only need private cover if you live in Spain full time, if you are on holiday for up to three months at a time your travel insurance will cover you Click Here to go to Travel Insurance. I strongly advise to arrange this before leaving Britain. Expensive medical bills are not what you want, especially when you've just been ill or had an accident! You usualy can arrange cover for your whole family on one policy and pay monthly or anually. Trust me, it's piece of mind for all your family and one less thing to worry about.

You may also apply online for the new card type E111, this entitles you to basic healthcare within the E.U. Click Here to apply now free. Remember this covers the card holder only so each family member will need one. They are free to all British citizens resident in Britain. You do not qualify for an E111 if you live abroad.