Flights to Spain

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Flying from most UK Airports including East Midlands to Alicante,Stansted to Asturias, Luton to Gran Canaria also from many more airports to all Spanish destinations.

The best way of getting the cheapest offers is to register with all the low cost airlines to receive their newsletters, then you will be kept up to date by e-mail of all their latest offers and promotions. Also with scheduled flights the earlier you book the less you'll pay on their standard rates as they operate a system of the more seats that sell the higher the price goes.

If you are just going on holiday and require a package deal you will normally be flying on a charter flight, these can sometimes be cheaper at the last minute as the company chartering the plane needs to get back as much money as possible even if it means letting the last few seats go for next to nothing! Where as scheduled airlines don't need do do this as they own their own planes.

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