Spanish recipes and
Tapas Dishes

Here we have not just Tapas , but many Spanish recipes starting with probably the most famous of all Spanish recipes.

1.Paella Recipe to serve four, Utensils needed:
Large Paella pan or large frying pan, Spatula, chopping board, sharp large cutting/chopping knife, tablespoon, teaspoon and a steamer or saucepan.

1 large coffee mug of Sainsbury's Paella rice, Arroz Brillante(if in Spain). 2 packets of Sainsbury's fresh seafood meadley, 2 large strands of safron, 1 of each peppers red,green and yellow, 4 large cloves of garlic, 1 large Spanish onion,1 lemon or lemon juice, tumeric, salt, water and olive oil.

Use half a litre of water to simmer or steam the seafood for 15mins. Meantime Peel and cut the ends off the onion, then cut in half from end to end, slice the two halfs finely from one end to the other.
Peel and very finely chop the garlic cloves into tiny pieces.
Chop the peppers in half and use one half of each. Cut out top end and all seeds from the center then slice the rest into strips about 5mm thick.
Heat four tablespoons of olive oil in your pan on medium heat.
Add the chopped onion, garlic, safron and a pinch of tumeric and fry until onion goes soft.
Then add the mug of rice to the pan and four more table spoons of oil, mix and turn thoroughly with spatula, fry for 2 mins on high heat, Turn steamer/saucepan off Then add a quater of the water stock from the steamer or saucepan used for the seafood to the pan (you MUST lower the heat back to medium first!).
Simmer rice until most of the liquid disapears. Then add another 150ml of the water stock also add the seafood and chopped peppers.
Add a pinch of salt to taste and also if required a little more tumeric for colour(but go easy or it may go bright orange!), turn and mix again, simmer until all liquid disapears on medium to high heat and rice just starts to burn slightly around edges of pan.
Serve with a fresh baguette or crusty loaf.
Add lemon to taste individually.

If preferred you can use diced chicken and Spanish chorizo instead of or aswell as the seafood.
Vegetarians Please get a grip of yourselves!, people will always eat meat you'll never stop it, you are the only ones missing out on these tastey dishes! Sorry for any offence caused but it's called REALITY!

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