Spanish Mortgages

Here you'll find providers of Spanish mortgages (Hipotecas) and Spanish banks offering mortgage services in Spain. There are also British banks that can offer mortgages on properties in Spain. You generally find that interest rates are lower in Spain than the UK, however check all your options as this may not be the case forever.

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The other option to raise money to buy in Spain is to re-mortgage your current home then rent it out, this can be a good idea as it leaves an easy option open to return if things don't work out as planned. This also maybe your only option as most "Hipoteca" providers require that you work in Spain.

The most prefered option of the people I know myself is part re-mortgage from your own home to use as a deposit, then a low interest "Hipoteca" in Spain for the remainder of what you require. Spanish banks like all others are more likely to approve your application if they see you are putting down a large deposit of your own money (as they see it!). Don't worry about language problems for this as when there is money to be made they will always find an expert fluent in English to deal with you.

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