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If you want to buy Spanish property you'll have thousands to choose from, you may want to buy a villa or scan through apartments for sale or what about a typical Spanish town house? Whatever you prefer there are bargains to be had all over Spain.

There are three ways people tend to start, Firstly they may already have a job in Spain therefore location is decided so it's just about getting the best home for your family and for your money. Secondly some like to buy their "ideal" Spanish home then look to build their life around the area it's located in. Thirdly people buy Spanish property as an investment (usually long term), therefore other than considering rentability and re-sale, you could buy almost anywhere in Spain!

Unless you have plenty of surpless money behind you I recommend doing plenty of research into your chosen location before buying especially if you don't already speak good Spanish because not all places are like Benidorm! Most of Spain away from tourism you'll find it difficult if you don't speak Spanish well. Also finding work or starting a business might not go as smoothly as first thought. See Spanish Regions for more help deciding on where abouts to buy, Spain is a big place check all regions to see what takes your fancy.

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