This is a breif insight to the natural paradise of Asturias north Spain. It is the only Principality in Spain and has only one province with the same name, its three main cities are the capital Oviedo, The largest Gijon, and Aviles. The latter is where the International Airport is located although the airport carries the code OVD (Oviedo).

DON PELAYO is a legend of this Principality after defeating the Muslim Moors in many battles and he began re-conquering Spain for the Catholics around the year 716. Although originally from Cantabria he fled to Covadonga after losing the battle when the Moors first invaded Spain. His tomb and statue remain at the beautiful place of Covadonga along with a Cathederal (built onto the side of a mountain). This is a recommended "must see" if ever visiting this region.

Asturian cider is the other thing you'll find impossible not to try whilst here Simlpy because it's everywhere and everyone drinks it! The Sidrerias (cider bars) by definition specialise in cider, but this is like no other cider you'll have ever tasted in England or anywhere else. 100% Asturian apple juice fermented for six months (from October until March). It is drunk by being poured from height into a large glass (made of very thin glass) of just two or three mouthfulls at a time. (don't worry the bar staff will do this for you!) and it's cheap too! For a lot more information and for anyone considering moving here or buying a second home please visit:

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