There are eight Provinces in Andalucia and many famous Cities Such as Granada and the World famous Alhambra, (Historic ruins of a Muslim Palace set in stunning gardens).

The Capital of the Comunidad is the City of Sevilla in the Province with the same name, but I don't recommend going in August as temperatures of 45c are not uncommon but there is plenty to see and do in this huge Football crazy City.

Malaga of course is the most well known Province of this Region to Brits with many Holiday Resorts along the Costa del Sol, and with lots of flights to Malaga from almost every UK airport it's very easy to get to. You could also fly to Gibraltar and cross the border into Spain This is sometimes easier depending on where you are going, for Cadiz and the Cadiz side of Malaga It might be closer for you.

You can also fly to Jerez in the north of the Province of Cadiz with one of the well known low cost airlines see our Wine Section for more about Jerez.

I could go on forever about this vast Region however I would never be forgiven for not mentioning that the World famous Spanish Dance of Flamenco Originates here and the locals absolutely love it! They just love singing and dancing full stop simple as that! if you wish to see a lot more in depth info go to This website has all you need to know.

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